enduRUNce athletics can provide a full service fitness plan!
  • RRCA Running Coach
  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Boston,New York, Big Sur, New Orleans, Houston, Georgia Marathon Finisher
  • Group Runs
  • Custom Plans
  • Corporate Plans

Join us for a new running group in Atlanta!
Julie is honored to be a Running Ambassador for Lululemon in The Woodlands, Texas.
enduRUNce athletics is about living a fun, balanced, healthy lifestyle. Running, speed work, strength and cross training, combined with good nutrition, laughter,  and memory making.  It is about pushing yourself...if and when you want to, about accomplishing goals, starting and finishing personal achievements; because the finish line is more than just a line on the road.

Is enduRUNce athletics for you?
  •  Looking for a fun group to run with?
  • Striving to reach a new goal?
  • Check the 5k off your list!
  • Would love to run a half marathon?
  • How about a marathon?
  • Want to take your running to the next level?
  • Looking for sports nutrition advice?
  • Interested in cross training?
  • Want to strength train?  
Check out our training program page to find details on the program that is right for you.
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